Wildlife Responders Workshop 2023 – 2/15/23

This exciting workshop has been created for those who work with wildlife directly, indirectly or unexpectedly in some capacity.
This unique educational opportunity is the perfect way to discuss many wildlife situations that may be problematic or go unsolved.

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If you have any questions call: (908) 730-8300 ext. 7 or email us: wildlife_rehab@yahoo.com

Program Description:

Does spring undoubtedly bring wildlife
situations that have you wondering about
the appropriate ways to handle them?
These may involve threatened or
endangered species, wildlife diseases,
regulations, state or federal law, medical
emergencies, unexpected dropoffs,
orphaned infants, or other unexpected
wildlife encounters.
This workshop provides important
species information, handling techniques,
public education tips, common and
uncommon scenarios, and answers
frequently asked questions and offers
helpful resources.
The topics presented will provide valuable
information that will stimulate conversation
and questions for the panel discussion.
Attendees will have the opportunity to
learn and share new techniques, network
and problem solve.

Additional species identification information will be included.

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