Baby Shower

It’s Baby Season! Our busiest time of the year! Rather than subject you and the infants to the ordeal of a Baby Shower, we invite your contributions! You will be amply rewarded knowing that every dollar helps to return hundreds of orphaned and injured animals back to the wild.
Over the past year, because of on-going COVID, we continued to cancel in person fundraising events. And yet, we again experienced one of our busiest years ever in animal care. This year, and once again, we are preparing for more of the same.
The wild animals need our help in ever growing numbers and we continue to need yours. Your tax-deductible contribution makes a world of difference helping us continue to care for these precious creatures. Consider becoming a Wildlife Sustainer and give monthly to help us plan all year for the needs of our wild patients.

Yes! I’d be delighted to not attend the Woodlands Baby Shower!

Donate $100 you saved by not having to buy a new outfit for the shower,
which can go toward a month’s worth of baby formula!

Donate $75 you don’t have to spend on a shower gift,
which can go toward a week’s worth of essential fruits and vegetables for the babies!

Donate $50 you don’t have to pay a baby sitter,
which can go toward two week’s worth of medication for 5 babies!

Donate $25 for the gas you saved by not driving to the shower,
which can go toward two feeding tubes for the smallest babies!

You may also participate by mailing a check. Please write “Baby Shower” in the memo section
Please make checks payable to:
P.O. Box 5046
Clinton, N.J. 08809

If you prefer to send items from our Amazon Wishlist please visit by clicking below. Those items are shipped directly to Woodlands.

Woodlands Wildlife Refuge is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity. Your generous donation is tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.