In Memory of Lady Jane

Memorial Donation Page – Donations made in Lady Jane’s memory will benefit the wild patients we care for.

It is with enormous sadness that we tell you of Lady Jane’s passing. While our hearts hurt with this loss, and she will be missed dearly, she is now a free spirit to run fast and climb high with no limits. We thank her for what she brought to Woodlands and all those she touched in some special way.

We all have good memories of Lady Jane and may we smile at them for years to come. For over a decade Lady Jane was an integral part of our wildlife education programs. Hundreds of children and adults had the unique opportunity to meet her (beyond the double gate of course) during programs and special events. For over five years viewers worldwide enjoyed watching her on our live streaming camera on our website, often catching her lounging on her favorite hammock.

Lady Jane arrived at Woodlands in 2004 after a law enforcement raid. This Canadian lynx was found (with many other wild animals) in a harness in a hotel room. Her physical exam showed the harness to be embedded in her skin and that she had been declawed on all four paws. She was estimated at 2 years old at the time.

Our original goal was to help place Lady Jane in an education setting. During this time, and while we were not finding a good fit elsewhere, Lady Jane bonded with 2 of our long-term volunteers. Due to her traumatic experiences, and these bonds she formed here at Woodlands, we decided to acquire the proper permits and permission to include her in our education program as a permanent Ambassador. She helped us educate the public as to why wild animals should not be sold or kept as pets and belong only in the wild.

Lady Jane had a good, easy life here at Woodlands for over 18 years! We were honored to build an enclosure for all her needs, and we are thankful to the generous donors that later helped us extend that enclosure, tripling its size. She enjoyed a wide variety of enrichment and especially loved a plain cardboard box, just like any cat! She even proved her wild instincts by pouncing, running, jumping, and stalking throughout her enclosure.  

We will miss all your feline moods, Lady Jane, and watching you enjoy various new smells and soft bedding. We thank all of you for caring for and about her. God speed Lady Jane, forever in our hearts.