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Know The Bear Facts!

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Did you know, Woodlands Wildlife Refuge is the primary black bear rehabilitation center in New Jersey?

Did you know that most of the bears (and other animals) brought to Woodlands are orphaned due to human/wildlife encounters?

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The Story of Broke Leg Bear

Broke Leg was a severely injured black bear cub who was part of a record group of 10 bears that arrived at Woodlands Wildlife Refuge in 2007. She was rescued, rehabilitated and eventually released back into the wild. This true heartwarming story later inspired Woodlands to create and publish their first ever children's book, Broke Leg Bear.

Broke Leg Bear was written by New Jersey animal book author Loren Spiotta-DiMare and beautifully illustrated by beloved children’s illustrator and performance artist, Key Wilde. The book also features an endorsement by renowned wildlife advocate Dr. Jane Goodall.

“This beautifully told tale of compassion will entertain and inspire both children and adults. And it will also encourage conversations about the importance of caring for wild animals, who deserve to share this planet with us. Broke Leg Bear demonstrates how saving just one animal at a time can truly make a difference.”
Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE

Click the photos below to follow the real Broke Leg Bear's journey while in our care!

Broke Leg Bear Prepped For Surgery   -   Broke Leg Recovering In Her Cage (Above)

Broke Leg Wide Awake! - Broke Leg Lounging In A Tree - Broke Leg In Her Cage

Broke Leg With Tracy Leaver On Release Day!


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